Who Will Protect My Tweets?

I guess if I’m posting it online, then anyone should be able to archive it, right? I’m okay with it. I’ll be dead. But for the sake of others, it’d be nice to have certain things stored. I have pictures and documents and passwords on my computer and that will be given to the right person when the time comes. That’s as far as it goes for backing anything up. I feel like nothing should happen to our online identities when we die, but then again I haven’t put much thought into it. It’s not like there’s, to borrow a line from my favorite space saving vacuum bags, “too much stuff, not enough space.” If people would like to honor me, that’s their right. They should have full creativity and freedom.

The fact that I’m not very concerned with what happens to my post-life digital identity sort of reveals that I don’t think much about my digital identity now. Not necessarily that I don’t have one, but that I should be more aware of it.

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