IWatch Who?

First off, I love Martha for giving us this project. It was so fun. So thank you. Now for the project. Our group made an Emmy worthy movie trailer about the horrors of the IWatch. In this future dystopia, every child is given an IWatch when they are born to track their life style habits and to help improve their life. But little did the citizens know that their government has used this technology to spy on them to ensure their own power. The story follows a young man that through the quest of find who was responsible for the death of his mother, figures out the government’s secret. Iwatch u

Honestly, our story seems a little far fetched but it is probably possible. I know our government spies on us to an extent. I just don’t know how far they would take it in the future.

My digital project is in the works. I still need to visit the DKC, but as of now, I’m working on what i’ll be saying in the podcast.

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