Is That True?

The frist thing that I need to say is that my heart skipped a beat when I thought that my identity had been analyzed after watching the YouTube video. Living in the present and being kept in the dark on a lot of things doesn’t really make you think about what could be done with our information.

Reading the excerpt from The Circle really creeped me out. When Bailey kept repeating “ALL THAT HAPPENS MOST BE KNOWN”, it made me want to yell back that omnipotence is a power no one should have. I understand the idea that if someone’s watching you would behave better. And to some extent, I agree that this would actually benefit society. But to being able to freely stalk anyone you felt like is just plain weird. It has to violate some type of basic right.

Living in a world with imperfections is what makes living so great. A perfect world would get old quick.

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