How Do You Know That?

Everyone is fake to a certain level. The other day, I was sitting at Taco Bell enjoying a crunch wrap supreme and my friend said to ┬áme “I figured out how to block people from viewing my snapchat stories. Now my friends from high school can’t judge me.” Why would you want people not be able to view your story? Isn’t that the point of snapchat?

People present themselves differently depending on who they are around. This is definitely true for me. Examples:

  • To an admissions counselor I would be professional and charming focusing mainly on my accomplishments.
  • To a teacher I’m always respectful, because they have one of the hardest jobs today.
  • To my grandparents I present myself as being in a relationship. I bring up my boyfriend frequently because to them it’s important that I have a man take care of me.
  • To my cousins I try to act cool and mature. As the youngest cousin, I’ve never fit in well. So I try to present myself in that way.
  • To my parents, I’m more of myself. But that’s because I don’t really do bad things that they would frown upon. I’m brutally honest.
  • To a new roommate I’d present myself as clean and organized (I’m not), respectful of privacy (I am to a point), and exciting (I can be sometimes?)
  • To a job interviewer I’d present myself similar to how I would for an admissions counselor. Professional, charming, smart, a team player, and a leader.

I wouldn’t say that this is me being a fake person. It’s more of choosing when to show only part of my personality┬áto certain people. I honestly can’t confidently say I’d let an employer see any of my social media accounts. If I had to choose one it’d be Facebook. But only because I can limit what they see. I think it’s important to keep personal life out of the work place.

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