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How’s It Going, Girl?

After this week’s class discussions, I’ve been more aware about gender on social media. Two readings that really stuck out to me were A Rape in Cyber Space and Game of Fear. These two reads really demonstrated the differences of men and women online and how they’re treated. Week four also opened my eyes to the freedom a person can have online. Specifically with posting someone else’s private information like in Game of Fear.

Our in class activity was fun and a great introduction to a different way to present information in class. My groups infographic was on how people portray them selves on Instagram vs. in Greek Life in college. What we came up with was pretty interesting. Here it is:

Now about my research topic. I’ve narrowed it down to How Social Media Affects the Transition into College Life. After doing more research and confiding in Martha, I’ve decided to stick to this topic and to present the information in the form of a podcast. I’ve found some scholarly research about my specific topic, but I’ve also found some on a more general basis. I plan to dig deeper in this research and add in some interviews from people around campus. I’m excited to see how this project ends up. Here’s a link to some of my sources thus far: