How’s The First Semester Going?

I didn’t find anything too interesting in my Wiki search. Well let me rephrase that, I didn’t find anything that I didn’t expect. Major changes I saw were things about One Direction’s new album, Zayn Malik leaving, and grammatical errors. The more surprising part was the amount of people talking and debating about the changes that they wanted to make to the page. Something that made me laugh was a post from someone passionately explaining why Zayn Malik should be listed as a band member regardless of what he’s doing.

The Storify we made in class was a HILARIOUS perspective of someone’s freshman year through The Office gifs.

Here it is:

Am I A Fan?

Fan culture is something that I’ve always been aware of but never given much thought. It’s never effected me in anyway for it grab my attention. Though based off this weeks readings, I feel as if fans can recreate their favorite story to fit them better there really. I don’t see much harm in that. A writer should know that once they put their intellectual property out there, people will do as they wish with it. It’s the same as if an artist puts a picture of his painting online and people change it around, make it a meme, or alter it just slightly. The only sticky part to this is when fans publish their version’s of the story. With this I feel that with approval of the author, it should be legal and fine. The owner ship to the edited story should remain with  the one who edited it with credit to the author of the original.

I’ve never really had any run-ins with fan culture. Or extreme fan culture anyways. I’ve never felt so passionately about a particular subject. If I have I’ve enjoyed it the way it was without changing it. With all fairness, I was a preteen girl and of course had posters of Zac Efron and Michael Phelps on my walls. And let’s not forget the face-in-hole stage…..1 2

IWatch Who?

First off, I love Martha for giving us this project. It was so fun. So thank you. Now for the project. Our group made an Emmy worthy movie trailer about the horrors of the IWatch. In this future dystopia, every child is given an IWatch when they are born to track their life style habits and to help improve their life. But little did the citizens know that their government has used this technology to spy on them to ensure their own power. The story follows a young man that through the quest of find who was responsible for the death of his mother, figures out the government’s secret. Iwatch u

Honestly, our story seems a little far fetched but it is probably possible. I know our government spies on us to an extent. I just don’t know how far they would take it in the future.

My digital project is in the works. I still need to visit the DKC, but as of now, I’m working on what i’ll be saying in the podcast.

Is That True?

The frist thing that I need to say is that my heart skipped a beat when I thought that my identity had been analyzed after watching the YouTube video. Living in the present and being kept in the dark on a lot of things doesn’t really make you think about what could be done with our information.

Reading the excerpt from The Circle really creeped me out. When Bailey kept repeating “ALL THAT HAPPENS MOST BE KNOWN”, it made me want to yell back that omnipotence is a power no one should have. I understand the idea that if someone’s watching you would behave better. And to some extent, I agree that this would actually benefit society. But to being able to freely stalk anyone you felt like is just plain weird. It has to violate some type of basic right.

Living in a world with imperfections is what makes living so great. A perfect world would get old quick.